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When did shopping become so complex? There are so many choices out there. We know you have questions...Isn’t shopping for greener products going to cost a fortune? Is any of it backed by science? Is the labeling accurate? Are natural solutions really effective and affordable?

We feel your frustration...we are shoppers too! We are so passionate about the environment and helping people learn about better, safer and yet AFFORDABLE choices for their families! We shop from the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. Our company has made more environmental impact than 7th Generation, Method and Greenworks combined! We can’t wait to help you learn more about our store...

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After my son was diagnosed with chronic allergies and asthma, I started looking for a change in the products I was using. I learned that every time I cleaned my home with the cleaning products I had always used from the store, his breathing would get worse. I started researching everything out there and made the simple decision to change the way I was shopping, not just for cleaning products, but for everything! After changing the products in our home, I noticed a difference. My son was no longer having breathing problems and I wasn't having to give him all the medication. That really opened my eyes. Why are we so quick to medicate? Many people don't realize there is an option. Today many people are trying to go green and simply can't afford it. We can help! I have two teenagers today and as a family we are never sick! I love how one simple decision can be so impactful. It certainly changed our lives!


As a mom, we are willing to do anything to protect our kids! When my son was a baby, he had a terrible case of reflux and started to spit up blood. We immediately took him to Texas Children's Hospital for evaluation and after doing a scope and other tests, they determined that is was 'just' allergies. How can allergies be that detrimental to a body? I had to stop breastfeeding, got a nebulizer and he was prescribed Zyrtec. I never thought about the root cause of his allergies or the products I was using in my home. After doing research, and learning more about healthier choices, I decided to switch stores and after just a few short weeks, I saw a huge difference in my son's health. I was able to stop using the nebulizer, all medication and was so excited that his health improved so much in such a short amount of time. I had no idea that I had a different choice, a healthier choice, and am so thankful that I switched over all my products. It has made a huge impact on my entire family!

Michelle & Bob

When our kids were little, they suffered with different things like eczema and severe asthma, and after doing research, I learned that the cleaning products and laundry soap I was using, were actually making them worse. I also started doing research on what causes cancer and most illness. The answers were somewhat shocking to me! Over time'.I've learned that MOST cleaning and laundry products that are sold in the main stream, and very hazardous to our health. I also learned that our foods are deficient of nutrients and most people are sick because their bodies are not getting what they really need. We have 4 children, and 3 of them have Lyme disease, which comes with a host of many symptoms. In addition to eating better, we take supplements that have been tested and have the highest absorption rate in this country. We never get colds and flu at our house'ever! Another favorite is a great pro-biotic, as well as organic, pure essential oils to help with pain, nausea, motion sickness, breathing, and insomnia. What I know for sure'.is that switching stores and using better, higher quality products has made ALL the difference for our family!


My husband of 54 years, Jack, was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration three years ago. Since then he has had to take a shot IN THE EYE, AWAKE, every three to four months. When I switched stores in January, I got him started on the vision supplements and when we visited his specialist in April, he did not need a shot! Then, when we went back again in early July, he STILL didn't need one! I had brought the supplements with us and when the doctor looked at the ingredients, he commented that they were the best combination he had seen. Also, he told Jack that he may not even need a shot at his October visit!!! Taking the vision supplement is the only thing Jack has done differently so we are sure that it is due to that why he doesn't have to go through the torture of those tri-monthly shots! If the company never gave us another thing, that blessing alone would be enough! But I know that blessings will continue to flow.


I'm a single mom to 2 little boys who both have autism & ADHD. I am so thankful to be finally able to shop for high-quality, eco-friendly products that work without spending a fortune! I just love the peace of mind that comes with having safer products in my home and since switching stores, there have been several 'incidences' that could have led to one of my boys being seriously hurt or even worse if I'd had toxic cleaning products from the grocery store in my home. I also don't have to worry so much that they are picky eaters and refuse to eat anything but junk on some days, I can sneak in their daily vitamins and nutrition since they love the chocolate vitamin shakes (and I'm not about to tell them it's good for them!) Switching stores was the BEST shopping decision I 've ever made for my family!


I am a Registered Nurse and I had developed severe asthma. I was at the point that I was using 3 separate inhaled medications and steroids multiple times a day, as well as an oral medication every day... They had so many horrible side effects.. but I needed them all simply to breathe... I was also becoming very chronically ill, I had several bouts of bronchitis one after the other and I was NOT living any quality of life; I was missing work and was truly missing LIFE just trying to maintain breathing. I had MOSTLY switched my home over to better, safer products as I knew that MOST cleaning and laundry products that are sold today are very hazardous to our health, yet I didn't think a " few " of our family favorites of national brands sprinkled in the house would matter to my respiratory and overall health much.... I was SO WRONG! I got sick and tired of being sick and tired ... So I decided to make a full switch... I COMPLETELY converted my home over to better safer products and I began to take supplements that have been tested and have the highest absorption rate in this country. I have not used an inhaler in over 3 years, I have taken NO prescription medication I over 3 years. I have not had a cold, bronchitis or the flu since beginning to take the vitamins and supplements over 3 years ago! My life is completely different now. Another favorite product of mine is the great pro-biotic, knowing that over 70% of our immune system is in our gut, I know the difference this product makes and I DO NOT miss taking it, even for a day... I can say with absolute certainty is that switching stores and using better, higher quality products has made ALL the difference in my health, in my family's health.


As a mom, a teacher and a coach, nutrition is such an important part of my life. My son plays travel soccer and my husband and I workout regularly. I love the fact that there is a store that has developed a high quality sports nutrition line that includes patented vitamins and exercise bars; a sports drink with less sugar and double the electrolytes of other brands; and a variety of protein bars, and shakes so effective that Olympic athletes use the products (Check out Bernard Lagat- Winner of the US Olympic track and field trials 5000 m race at the age of 41). It is great to know that by simply switching stores we are able to have that same quality sports nutrition as elite athletes. Many would think that to have access to great products it would cost more than if I went to a local store, but the best part of switching stores was discovering that I was able to purchase products affordably and within my budget.


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